About Maxpotenti

Sim Goldblum

maxpotenti was established by Sim Goldblum, an experienced businessman, trainer and educator, to help businesses make the most of their people and their businesses. Sim has a deep understanding of how businesses, large and small, function effectively. This is gained as a result of many years working for Ford of Europe, ultimately as Director of Product Planning, and as Director of Business Development.

Sim put much of that experience into play as a board member of several companies, and as a Non-executive Director of a large NHS Hospital Trust, helping the Trust to achieve Foundation Trust status.

Sim has used those same skills in the dental sector, and finds it deeply satisfying to see the personal and business transformations that take place as a result of the unique university accredited education and training courses that he has led, as well as through his consultancy with individual businesses.

Now, as a Solutions Partner for Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions, Sim can provide businesses with the tools to recruit, develop and retain the right people; he can provide accredited flexible leadership style training to management teams. and provide advice and access to business growth and finance to ensure long-term growth can be maintained

Sim was a registered and approved expert Growth Coach for the government's Business Growth Service until it was wound down as part of the 2016-17 Spending Review. Sim can still provide expert coaching and consulting advice to business leaders and their teams.

Contact Sim NOW by phone - 0330 088 1947 or 07515 507 337 or by email - - to learn how we can help you.