What makes a good leader?
What is your leadership style?
Does it matter?

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26 million results on a search engine in less than 1 second, tells us an awful lot has been published on this topic, and yet new and different ideas emerge daily.

Are you the consensus-builder leader, the “I’ll tell them what and how to do it” leader, the transformational or transactional or situational leader? And how’s your Emotional Intelligence?

Do you worry about why some/all of your people do not respond to your leadership in the way you would like or expected them?

Leaders demonstrate competencies in many different areas, and being able to assess their performance in those competencies is critical to both the recruitment and development of outstanding leaders.

We can ensure you understand those competencies and your and your leadership colleagues’ performance, using our unique competency profiling.

We can help you develop a leadership style that meets the needs of all your people, whatever their role, experience and performance level


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