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We hope to learn a lot about you and your business, so it is only fair that you learn a little more about the team of business growth specialists who will fuel your future success. 

Introducing Sim Goldblum, CEO of maxpotenti

maxpotenti was established by Sim Goldblum, an experienced businessman, trainer and educator, to help businesses make the most of their people and exceed their potential.


With a rich CV, Sim has a profound understanding of how businesses, large and small, function effectively. He acquired, exercised and nurtured his business growth knowledge as a result of many years working for Ford of Europe, ultimately as Director of Product Planning, and as Director of Business Development.

sim goldblum

An Unyielding Desire to Educate, Empower and Enrich Businesses 

It didn’t end with Ford. Driven to help more businesses with their development and sustainability projects, Sim put much of that experience into play as a board member of several companies, and as a Non-executive Director of a large NHS Hospital Trust, helping the Trust to achieve Foundation Trust status.

Sim has used those same skills in the dental sector, and finds it deeply satisfying to see the personal and business transformations that take place as a result of the unique university accredited education and training courses that he has led, as well as through his consultancy with individual businesses. He was also a registered and approved expert Growth Coach for the government's Business Growth Service until it was wound down as part of the 2016-17 Spending Review. 

We don't deal in short term solutions; we advise, develop and administer bespoke people, marketing and business strategies for sustainable business growth.

The Equation for Business Growth

BG = Y x EM x EP

Fear not; this isn’t a forgotten formula from your schooling days. It is however, a central equation for your business growth. 

That’s what we do at maxpotenti, we help businesses grow by solving problems.

The Formula Broken Down

Business growth (BG) is the sum of three fundamental components. 

They are; business strategy (Y), effective marketing (EM) and effective people (EP). 

By harnessing the power of each component, you can celebrate the exponential growth of your engineering or manufacturing business. 

Of course, this is easier said than done – we understand that. We also know that when one element of the equation is neglected or out of focus, business will become static and eventually, decline.

equation for business growth

maxpotenti is your dedicated team of experienced business coaches and consultants.

business growth tools

The Ultimate Business Growth Toolkit with maxpotenti

As the founder of maxpotenti and a Solutions Partner for Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions, Sim and our team of experienced business growth consultants provide businesses with the toolkit for success. 

Our business solutions are not simply for the short-term. We advise, develop and administer bespoke people, marketing and business strategies which will support and sustain the continued growth of businesses far beyond the present.

At maxpotenti, we have the tools to recruit, develop and retain the right people, deliver accredited flexible leadership style training to management teams, and provide advice and access to business growth and finance to ensure long-term growth can be maintained.

Sim upholds his position as the active leader of maxpotenti, adding to his more than 100 strong client pool with each new business we help to excel.  

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