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Buisness strategy

Business Strategy for Engineering and Manufacturing

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How is your business growth matching your expectations? 

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How do you maintain your motivation for your company’s success?

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How have your competitors changed the marketplace? 

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How successful are your new product or service plans

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How closely have you retained the business values you set out at the start?

Strategy Tailored Specific
To Your Needs

There’s something about failing to plan and planning to fail.

A business strategy is the bread and butter of business growth. With your experienced maxpotenti business growth consultant, you will learn how to make and bake the bread. A recipe for success, you might say. 

Okay, enough of the bread analogy. The point is; a business that does not have a focused, structured business strategy can’t thrive. Sure, with a healthy helping of luck a company may do well in the short term but without a business strategy, that growth cannot be sustained. We can help.


Redefine Your Business Strategy with maxpotenti

With a 360degree approach we will help you redefine your why. Why did you start this business? What is your ultimate objective? How are you going to achieve that? These are the fundamental questions which will give direction and distinction to your business strategy.

Business Strategy for Sustainable Business Growth

At maxpotenti, we don’t simply supply short-term answers. Through our business coaching and consultancy services, we guarantee the enduring exponential growth of your business. 

Asking for help doesn’t mean you failed; it means you are smart, business-forward, brave. You already made the first step by getting here. Let’s take the next step together. 

Your maxpotenti Strategy Consultant Can Deliver:

Business Strategy Coaching

Our experienced business advisors prompt you to think about the specific areas of challenge, identify problems and guide you to solutions. 

Business Strategy Consulting

Together, you and your business advisor will analyse the business and develop a focused business strategy with recommendations on how to implement it.

business strategy consulting and coaching with Maxpotenti
What is Business Strategy Consulting and Coaching with maxpotenti? 

Your time is valuable, and we guarantee that your time spent with a maxpotenti business growth specialist is too.


You might need a coaching day, a week of workshops or a monthly consultation package; no matter your journey to an effective business strategy, we promise the same delivery of dedication and expertise.

Here is a rundown of what happens when we receive your enquiry:


Step 1: The Discovery Call


It all begins with a fifteen minute discovery call. With just 15  minutes of your time, you will kick start the unlimited future growth of your business. We will ask you a few questions to learn a little bit about you and your business and agree whether we are a good “fit” for each other.

Step 2: The Meet-Up


Your discovery call is followed up with a 45-minute face-to-face consultation either in person or via video call. Here, we can discuss exactly how maxpotenti can help with developing your focused business strategy. Afterwards, your business growth consultant will put together a proposal.

Step 3: A Business Strategy for Bountiful Growth 


This is when things get exciting. Our business growth consultants are experienced in developing (and implementing) effective business strategy for engineering and manufacturing companies of all sizes. Now, it is time to share that knowledge with you. We start by defining your ‘why’, then what you want to deliver, and finally, how you will make it happen – yes that is an adaptation of Simon Sinek’s work, and you will be in great company.

Take the first step to future growth 

What Makes maxpotenti Business Strategy Consultancy & Coaching Different?

Each maxpotenti business strategy consultant has served their time on the front line of innovative, national and international engineering and manufacturing powerhouses. We know the difficulties of driving a business forward and exactly how to overcome them. With an experienced maxpotenti business strategy advisor, you are put back in the driving seat of your business knowing exactly where you need to be, and the most rewarding route to take.

Our success is your success. That’s why our work is guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with the results, you get your money back. Simple.

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