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How do you help with business development?

Business development is a huge topic, ranging from the needs of a start–up to those of a mature business looking to identify new business opportunities. At maxpotenti, we specialise in helping the ambitious owners of companies in, or associated with the engineering and manufacturing sectors. For each business, we need to understand what is working well today and how those approaches can be refined to allow continued growth. We also need to acknowledge those elements that are not as effective, and agree an implementation plan to improve or replace the current process.

To understand further, let me tell you about some previous business development projects.

We worked with a client who was concerned about the net margins on the products that he was providing. We reviewed the competitive environment, his unique positioning and his current clients, and were able to improve his pricing position. We also identified several opportunities to enter different segments and to reduce costs.

Another client wanted to offer a new service to his existing patients. He had assumed that since this service was extensively marketed by the provider of his equipment, he did not need to develop the business plan and marketing approach which would ensure that this new service would be profitable. The revenues for this particular service were declining, as more providers were offering the same service.

We therefore had to change the marketing from a stand-alone service to one which became an integrated part of a customer service offering. It was a great success. Although barely profitable on a stand-alone basis, the new positioning became a valuable addition to his overall service.

Those were just a few examples of how maxpotenti is helping businesses to develop. To discover more, call maxpotenti today on 0161 4646 156 or email to arrange a call at a time that works for you.


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