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Together, we develop a focused strategy that is the foundation to your success.

Business & People Consultancy for Engineering & Manufacturing

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Over 40 years’ experience in business growth

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Evidence-driven approach with accredited tools

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A timeline that works for your business

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No fee 45 minute initial consultation

Maxpotenti working on business strategies

We streamline and focus business strategies. 

We co-create your effective marketing solutions.

We help place the right people in the right roles. 

We are maxpotenti.

business growth specialists

maxpotenti: Your Experienced Business Growth Specialists

Business growth doesn’t just happen. Nor is it instantaneous. It is the sum of a strong sense of purpose, shared values, focus and hard work. It is a journey that our business growth consultants have facilitated for companies in the engineering and manufacturing sector both nationally and internationally.

With over 40 years’ experience in devising, implementing and supporting business growth in some of the largest and most competitive engineering and manufacturing firms, we now want to use our expertise to help you. 

Business Growth Services with maxpotenti

With a wealth of professional experience, the expert panel of maxpotenti have identified the three key areas in which companies in the engineering and manufacturing sector often require guidance, support or intervention. 

These services are the resources for your success and we invite you to take a closer look.

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effective marketing servies
Effective Marketing Services

Establishing a strong brand identity, understanding the pains of your target market, and being proactive in a competitive climate are essential elements of effective marketing practice.


Using a proven, breakthrough formula, our engineering and manufacturing business growth specialists are equipped with the skills and expertise to devise effective marketing strategies that promise maximum impact.

Business Strategy Services

What is your purpose? What are your values? Do your employees share these? To put together an effective business strategy, you must first establish your WHY.

With support from your dedicated business growth consultant, you will define your why. Next, we decide the what and how, developing a business strategy that will deliver on your why and drive your business growth.

Engaged People Services

Are you struggling with employee disengagement? Are you considering a new work structure with new roles? Are you having difficulty recruiting the right people for the job? How would you rate your business culture? 

At whatever level in your business structure, your people's engagement is imperative to your business growth and success. Our extensive experience in effective people services have given a plethora of businesses the golden ticket to employee engagement, prosperous people development and the fuel for business growth in return. 

engaged people services
business consultancy by Max Potenti

We advise and implement change so that your business can make an impact, exponentially.

business growth consultants

A Dedicated Team of Business Growth Consultants

Whilst we are an independent body offering new perspectives, our success is intertwined with the success of our clients.


This means we provide the dedication and expertise to power new business strategies, develop your people and implement effective marketing. 

Let’s Solve the Problem, Together 

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Maxpotenti - business growth

By acutely understanding your people, your competitors and your consumers, the innovative maxpotenti business growth approach is the formula for exceeding your maximum potential.

Contact Our Business Growth Specialists

Finding yourself on the maxpotenti website means you have jumped the first hurdle; you have admitted that you need some help.


Big or small, short term or continual; no matter your requirements, our business growth consultants are here to provide bespoke coaching and consultancy services for your engineering or manufacturing company. 

Get in touch today to secure the future success of your business.

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