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Effective Marketing with maxpotenti

Increasing competition, a slow period, a desire to expand the client or customer audience; these are the pains of ambitious companies in, or associated with the engineering and manufacturing sectors right across the UK. We can help.

With our proven, Breakthrough Formula, your engineering or manufacturing business is in safe and experienced hands.

Together with a unique online resource library, and a planned schedule of coaching to help you apply the Formula, we can help you be more effective with the marketing spend you currently make, and often reduce the spend required for the same or even better results.

Our Breakthrough Formula provides 9 essential elements that make up the DNA of your marketing. If they are not all used in each of your marketing pieces, you are missing a huge opportunity to multiply the attractiveness of your offer to your current and potential clients and we can show you how!

To discover how we can improve your marketing effectiveness, call maxpotenti today on 0161 4646156 for a no obligation discussion.

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