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Effective People with maxpotenti

At maxpotenti, we know the importance of your people.

We know the time and money lost in getting recruitment and development wrong.

We know the power of an engaged body of employees.

So what exactly do we mean by effective people?

It means getting the right people doing the right job and sharing in the rewards of the business. It means leading your employees, so that you and they feel respected and energised. It means keeping skilled people within your business, by offering development opportunities and creating a positive company culture. It means understanding that your people are your business and they are the ones who will truly fuel your growth.

Alongside accredited tools including the award-winning Harrison Assessments, your dedicated business growth and people development advisor will help you recruit, develop and retain effective people within your workplace.

Why are we so sure?

We’ve done it time and again. Across engineering and manufacturing, we have helped businesses with cultural turnarounds, specialised job profiling and talent development programmes, which have seen them thrive. Now we want to do the same for you.

Your success is our success, which is why our work is guaranteed. That means if you aren’t absolutely satisfied with the results, you get your money back.

We’re ready when you are.

Call maxpotenti on – 0161 4646 156 for a no obligation discussion

Or email –


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