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Spotlight: In Engineering & Manufacturing Why Does My Marketing Matter?

With technological advancements, increasing competition and an unsure economic future for the UK, it is more important than ever that those businesses associated with engineering and manufacturing are delivering effective marketing campaigns. Right across the UK, businesses are missing out on reaching their maximum potential because of their lacklustre, unspecific marketing strategies. At maxpotenti, we know effective marketing. In fact, the maxpotenti business growth consultants use a Breakthrough Formula to transform our clients’ approach to every future marketing campaign. In this article, we want to share the signs of ineffective marketing and why marketing is so essential in engineering and manufacturing.

The Signs of Ineffective Marketing

Ineffective marketing is a bit like a bouncy castle with a large tear in the side. We have expectations of excitement and a rush of enthusiastic customers wanting to jump on board. Yet, no matter the air we channel in to the bouncy castle and no matter the budget we plug into our marketing campaigns, what we are left with is something flat, unappealing and altogether disappointing. The difficulty that many businesses have is that they cannot see the big tear; they cannot recognise the flaws in their marketing approach and therefore assume the problem lies elsewhere.

Let’s go back to the big question – why does marketing matter? It matters because when ineffective marketing infiltrates your business, you can expect some of the following: business is static or won’t grow as planned, you lose customers to your competitors, a new product or service doesn’t take off as hoped, you struggle to secure sales and enquiries, or the value of your customers is in decline or is altogether too low. Ultimately, ineffective marketing eats at your budget and offers very little in return.

What is Effective Marketing?

In essence, marketing is your ability to influence people to buy your products or services. Effective marketing does exactly this, exponentially.

Many businesses will jump onto the next new craze expecting great results – “I must have Facebook marketing”, “I must use email marketing”, but are disappointed when they throw something together that doesn’t work. The thing to understand about effective marketing is that it’s not a case of getting as much content as possible out into the world. Nor is it simply bounding onto what is “hot right now”. Effective marketing starts with a focused and considered plan.

Here’s how things work differently with a maxpotenti marketing consultant. We don’t shout about the shiny new buttons; we work from the 9 Core Elements which applied across your marketing strategy will guarantee success, regardless of the digital platform or print medium used. It begins with defining your target market, understanding their needs and pains, and exactly why you are the answer. It also involves determining your differentiator; what makes you different and better than the competition. Along with the 7 additional Core Elements, you will be armed with the tools to create and implement truly effective marketing strategies.

Remember, there are plenty of marketers offering immediate, short term solutions without the substance to sustain your success. This isn’t the case with maxpotenti. We work with ambitious business owners in or associated with, the engineering and manufacturing sectors to develop and incorporate those 9 Core Elements into an exponential formula that guarantees success, without spending any more marketing budget than you are currently. Get in touch today to transform your marketing potential.


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