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How do you help me avoid recruitment and development mistakes?

Most business owners are passionate about their products and/or services, because they have created them and understand fully how they meet their clients’ needs. As the business grows and additional people are required to support that growth, some can be out-sourced to specialist providers (book-keeping, accounting, call-answering, PR and so on), but others can and should be retained inside the business. How then to ensure that these people really understand the values of the business, and buy-in to its passion and dedication - we all know how candidates can be “economical with the truth” when answering questions during interview.

We use the award-winning, customisable, job-specific work preference assessment created by Dr. Dan Harrison, to create company specific job profiles which included both the experience and skills necessary to be successful, and also the traits and behaviours that have been proven to be necessary for successful performance. We know the best salesmen rarely make the best sales managers, but how do you distinguish, for example, between the requirements for a salesperson who builds relationships from those who are required to close deals? Our assessment process gives you the confidence to make measurable assessments of your various candidates. We also help you with the best ways to interview those candidates, induct and develop them once hired, and where necessary, help with career development and succession planning.

To discover more, call maxpotenti on 0161 4646 156 or email to arrange a call at a time that works for you.


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