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What is an effective business growth process?

Business growth can result from serendipity, luck and planned activities and is usually a mix of all 3! In essence it is a growth in sales, a less than proportional growth in costs and a resultant growth in profits. Each element of that equation has to be analysed, understood and planned for. Of course, “things” will happen to divert or distract, opportunities will arise unexpectedly, risks will appear from nowhere and change is inevitable. But, and it is a big but, having the formula in place helps to go back to each element and understand where you can create new opportunities, so that growth overall is intentional and more likely to be delivered.

We work with ambitious business owners in or associated with, the engineering and manufacturing sectors to create the effective formulae to help take advantage of new opportunities, minimise risks, and take change as a clear and wanted basis for future growth.

Call maxpotenti on 0161 4646 156 to find out more, or email to arrange a call at a time that works for you.


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