Why is succession planning important?

If your people are engaged, it is likely that you have implemented training and development that is directed to meet the individual motivations of each employee, ensuring that they remain fulfilled at work. Inevitably, unexpected and occasionally planned departures will occur and this is where a clear succession planning process is so important.

We all know that, with only some exceptions, a great salesman does not naturally become a great sales manager - the skills and behaviours are very different. So, how do you identify those in your current talent pool who can be planned to succeed more senior people, playing to their strengths and occasionally planning development and/or training to help them fill any gaps in their profiles? Well, you can always get in touch with maxpotenti.

We work with ambitious business owners in or associated with, the engineering and manufacturing sectors to evaluate and understand our people in a profound and significant way, using award-winning, customisable work preference tools, to create a planned succession group.

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We have all the tools and knowledge you need to get the breakthrough you deserve.

*Alongside marketing and business growth giant Steve Hackney, maxpotenti CEO Sim Goldblum created the Breakthrough Formula.


Since publishing their book, The Breakthrough, they have been helping businesses of all sizes and all sectors produce timeless and exponentially effective marketing strategies.


We can help you do the same. 


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